What is Mourning Light Records?

We are an independent metal label based in the UK and USA, founded by Jeffrey Kohld Kelly and Vincent Yacavone. We strive to serve the musician as best as possible. As musicians ourselves, we understand the struggles and do our best to accommodate artists on our roster! 

What kind of music do you release?

We try to focus on genres related to atmospheric black metal, blackgaze, depressive metal, or anything in between. But we always keep an open mind. 

What format are your releases?

As of now the only types of physical releases that we handle are CD format. We produce CD-R in jewel cases with full colour inserts and booklets. We also do full digital distribution. We do not do tape or vinyl. The reasons are these:


Tape: While it’s a cool novelty, the demand simply isn’t there to justify our investment. Besides a small resurgence 3 years ago, it isn’t a very sought-after format. We like selling albums, not keeping them in boxes under our beds waiting for someone to buy them. 


Vinyl: Vinyl is incredibly expensive to produce. Whereas a batch of 500 CDs may cost us about $1000 to make, a batch of 500 vinyl would cost closer to $5000. Obviously cost per item decreases when purchasing in bulk, but generally it costs about $15 to print ONE vinyl record. As a small label we simply can’t afford the overhead to make vinyl.

Can I release my band's music on your label?

Maybe. We have full instructions for submissions on the "Demo Submissions" page.

What kind of distribution do you have?

We have full online distribution through all major streaming sites, as well as worldwide mail-order distribution. 

We are interested in a partnership with Mourning Light Records, how do we address this?

All inquiries not related to demo submissions should be sent through the contact form. We are open to pretty much everything. That being said, we do not do trades or distribute on behalf of other organizations.