Demo Submissions


If you would like to submit a demo of your band, please follow these instructions;


1. Send us streaming links to 3 of your best songs. This can be on YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, etc. But it must be a streaming link. We will not download any audio files.

2. Send us all relevant information about the band – Brief biography, gigography, all social media links, website, and everything else that might be relevant.

3. Give us the best email address to contact you at. Make sure it is an email address that is checked frequently. Nothing makes us lose interest like a band that replies once every 2 weeks.


That’s it! Pretty simple. Just show us everything you’ve got, and if we like it then we will get back to you! We will do our best to reply to all offers if time allows, but since we both work and study full time we don’t always have the ability to do so. But if we like your music we 100% will get back to you. There is no need to send follow-up emails. These will be swiftly deleted. 


If you’re ready to submit your music and would like to have it released on Mourning Light Records, then send us an email at the address listed here:

MourningLightRecords (at)

Here are things we are looking for when reviewing demo submissions;


1. Professionalism. We like to see people who can behave professionally and write a proper email covering all the points we have listed above. This shows that we can trust the band, and that they have what it takes to succeed. Things that do not denote professionalism are emails like “Yo, check our new track” followed by a single YouTube link to a slam song. That is a literal submission we got. Which leads us to our next point.

2. Be the right genre. Look, metal is a really broad genre, and we get that there’s so many different kinds, each more exciting than the last. But our label focuses on a few specific types. We release depressive and atmospheric black metal. This generally means that all music released on Mourning Light Records will have a strong black metal influence, but will be melody-driven, emotionally evocative, and melancholic. We have no interest in your thrash metal band.

3. It’s actually good music. We aren’t going to sign something that we don’t like. We aren’t a major commercial label that simply signs things because we think it will sell. We want to represent music that we like. Any band that we sign is a band that we genuinely enjoy listening to.

4. Does the music sound good? While this might seem similar to the previous point, this is different. This relates more to mixing and mastering. I’ve heard countless songs that would be incredible had the mixing not been absolute trash. We want to release high-quality albums, and that means bands wanting to release with Mourning Light Records should be investing some time and effort into making their music sound as polished and professional as possible. We don’t expect it to be sounding as good as something Peter Tatgren produced, but we have a strict “no potato” policy.

5. Band background. Obviously a band with an existing following and potentially a previous release will be ideal simply because we already have a fanbase to work with. Any previous touring experience is always a plus as well.

Good luck!