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About Us

A Summary

 Welcome to the official site for Mourning Light Records. We are an international record label by musicians for musicians. The label was founded by Jeffrey Kohld Kelly and Vincent Heathen Yacavone out of a shared frustration regarding the state of the industry where artists are financially taken advantage of by labels in an already penniless industry. We strive to support our artists as much as possible by offering the highest payout per album sale out of any label we have ever seen, and by investing 100% of our earnings back into the label to further develop and promote the bands. You can rest assured that when you purchase a record from Mourning Light Records you aren’t paying some faceless entity. You are fully supporting the band who created that masterpiece.  

Musical Themes

Our releases carry dark, melancholic, and atmospheric themes and predominantly feature melodic and atmospheric black metal. The idea of our label is to present dark and emotionally evocative music that is both beautiful and deeply sorrowful while not taking away in any way from the overall aggression and raw emotional content of the music. Through powerfully aggressive mania juxtaposed by melancholic atmospheres, Mourning Light Records’ bands challenge the boundaries between emotion and art.  

Where to Listen

Our releases are sold here through our official online webshop and cover full European and North American distribution from dispatch points in the UK and the USA. Our music also has full digital distribution on Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, Deezer, Pandora, etc. You can find all releases in the below sections! 

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